Right now I’m in more of a pre-writing phase….

I love GIRLS. For 4 seasons now I have been following the show religiously, and very scarily relating to it. This season in it’s prime, the GIRLS are growing up and becoming smarter whilst still making the mistakes some of us “smart” girls continue to make in certain areas of our life despite our growth as women in others.

Hannah, has left to Iowa and is finding herself having creative insecurities due to the judgement of her fellow classmates- happy with her newfound independence yet still missing Adam. Jessa, is trying to become sober, and realizing that her real friendships were more important than she thought. Shoshana, is entering the job field and trying to find the perfect (non existent) position. Marnie, oddly the most relatable on the series to me is struggling seeing the clarity of emotionally and sexually being with a man that’s currently in a relationship with someone else.

I find this storyline something that all of us should be listening loud and clear to.


Marnie: “No see, it’s not just about sex- we text goodnight, I met his cousin, he puts his hand on my butt when we are waiting in line at starbucks, he makes me LOOK at him when he cums.”

what this says: You’re with a guy who clearly cares about you on the surface, but just not enough to end his current relationship.

Ray: “Because anyone who would treat you this way is selfish, and a coward. And we have already established he has one massive character flaw- which is that he hasn’t chosen you.” 

what this says: A guy that is cheating on his girlfriend is selfish and even if you happen to have something if he doesn’t respect you enough to choose you. Fuck him. not literally.


what this says: What every girl that finds herself in this situation is too proud to say.

Marnie: ” The problem with your plan is that I already know what I want, you’re just not offering it to me.”

what this says: If he hasn’t chosen you yet, he probably will not. AKA he’s just not that into you. And fuck him. 


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