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I haven’t really had the time or mental space to properly catch up with the blog, BUT I promise you I’ve been working hard on it. A lot of you have been writing me about making city guides and I am focusing on that!
Last week, Jordan Brand released the first collection of Jordans (aside from collabs) geared towards women. I’m not a girly girl wearing pink and pastels but I did really love the movement in general. I chose the hydrogen blue color because it just screamed out to me. I get a lot of flack from my girlier friends and my family for always wearing sneakers but I feel like this pair helps you dress up a little. Here’s an outfit I styled in sunny LA wearing the pair. Keep reading for my opinions about the make/material and most important the ability to clean!

As far as general construction goes, I feel that the Season of her collection is constructed differently from OG Jordans for men. My ideal fit is a kids size 7 in Jordan ones because then the shoe isn’t so bulky and the silhouette is smaller as a woman’s foot is more narrow. The new Jordans are still pretty bulky and the dimensions of the ankle area are different.

I wore my shoes all weekend to break them in and as they are made with a light color and silk on top of that I did notice they dirty easy. I will run to Jason Markk and ask them the best way to clean this fabric. All in all, I really love this pair but I also wish brands would make the sneakers JUST LIKE THEY DO FOR MEN, but in girls sizes for all drops, and not in wild girly colors. I guess the general consumer wants and needs that but as for me I prefer to have what the guys are rocking but not in a bulky shoe size.

I’m in my last week of travels, and today is a full moon so my energy is all over the place. There are so many things I want to share but for now I am really trying to be in the moment with my friends and family during my last days home! I can’t wait to be back in Europe bopping around! 🙂

Wishing everyone a blessed rest of the week! Bisoussss

photos by @Melisamendez

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