Whether it’s the food options, the southern hospitality, or the way it feels to drive late at night on empty streets downtown listening to trap music with my seat pulled slightly back in a green smoke hazed fog- ATLANTA WILL ALWAYS BE HOME.

People often say “home is where the heart is”. It’s something I distinctly can relate to as home has become to mean many different things to me. I feel home when I am in a place I can relate to, surrounded by people who love and “get” me. Traveling so much over the past year, I have began to feel at home in different areas of life. However every holiday season I go to the one place I can really call home and that’s my birthplace of Atlanta, GA. The city that has molded me into the very mixed Woman I have become.

I teamed up with some hometown players REVIVE THE COOL, Erikka Hart (Hair & MUA) and my oldest friend stylist and creator of Atlanta based vintage line Valarie Finds, Maria McKellam (@MariaMacarena01) to create our ideas of amazing winter looks that don’t have to be so frumpy. All of this was also shot in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. Assisted by the company of friends and family. Very proud of this shoot.



Prior to this shoot, I had an amazing day with my little brother driving around Atlanta listening to trap appreciating and comparing some of the backroads to Los Angeles where we lived together a year ago. I started my day having Flying Biscuit for breakfast with my cousin (eggs, biscuits, sausage and gravy) and then we went vintage shopping a bit, and later had another “snack” of chicken wings and fries at the local Zesto fast food chain on the infamous Moreland Ave.






These are the moments I live for, the moments I will always remember in my life.

all clothing will soon be available via valarie finds

striped fur coat : STORETS




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