So almost two and a half long years ago I cut my hair all off. That’s right. Had a nervous breakdown (you know what I’m talking about girls) when life isn’t going your way, and you decide to make a change. DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT cut your hair.

Unless you are one of those girls that just looks great with short hair, if you have had long hair all your life cutting it off can be jarring. Most of you know I have been wearing extensions ever since. Fast forward to now and my hair is ALMOST back to it’s normal length. I have tried a few different methods.

My friends over at Refresh Hair Salon in Hoofdorp helped me out majorly with my first natural look of the year. The appt was pretty fast. Pam was so sweet and she asked for my inspiration. We used about 100 pieces of hair that matched my current color. The entire appt took about 3 hours. Each piece individually put in my hair bonded by a small piece of keratin. After she put the extensions in carefully she blended my hair perfectly to make it look natural.

I’m going to speak a little more in depth step by step in my second post about extensions but a few things to know. The quality is amazing! The hair even has a little wave in it if you’re like me, someone with naturally curly hair. It’s easy to style, and for me the first batch lasted a full 5 months! I also colored the hair a few times.

It’s also not so expensive. A full application + the hair and time with Pam at her amazing salon will run you about 550 euros. You can book an appt with her and mention my name *AURIELLE SAYEH for 10% off your appt. Pam also does cuts & color!

Stick around for my extension tutorial post where I will show you before and afters and some deeper details about extension removal and reapplication. Also what products are safe to use on the hair!

photos: marion lietout

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