I’ve met another one for my collection. It always happens to me.

I’m able to speak with elderly people far easier than people my own age. Why is that I wonder sometimes? Perhaps because there’s a simple understanding of energy and emotions. We can look eachother through the eyes with appreciation.

Lately I’ve been taking the bus in Paris because it’s much easier to get around, Well I’ll back up… not easier but more friendly than the metro. It’s taking about 2x as long, but you also get to see this beautiful city I grow so tired of so fast.
There’s always a gasp of excitement in my heart when I arrive, but after I’m in life a few days here I’m always a bit removed thinking of my next get away until I have to come back home to Paris. But it’s the end of winter now, and I’ll get back to my story.

I was waiting for the bus number 30 in Pigalle sitting on my phone pretending not to be freezing. I’m normally in America at this time of the year so I’ve never gotten the whole winter in europe dressing down. I still dress as warm as I can without looking foolish. As I was sitting, I was shaking my cold hands to make the sleeves of my XL hoodie come out as makeshift gloves.

An older woman probably in her 70’s with a smudge of red lipstick on her face started mocking me and laughing and muttered something in french. I said “il fait froid,” one of my cute french sayings under my arsenal. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she had lipstick on her face, because when I put red lipstick on it’s almost everywhere for me too. Maybe that made us kin.

I explained to her “Je suis americanne” and we exchanged names. She told me my name was jewish from the bible and I said I knew. I asked her if she wanted to sit. She sat, I got up to be polite and she told me to sit back down because she wasn’t that big. I laughed. We spoke about Paris, and as normal I apologized for my lack of french. You know I understand, but speaking always shakes me up. We spoke for a while and rode the bus together a few stops away and exchanged phone numbers.

I don’t if I will ever see her again, but the small moments like these that I have in Paris get me through. Connecting with real people over nothing, just feelings. I felt like I could see myself in her. She was old, but she was young and I appreciated that.
I hope I will be like that someday as an old woman in Paris.

photos: @alexsocks
sweater: lacoste
sneakers: adidas originals
shirt: hyke for adidas originals

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