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Did you guys every watch the show cheers? Okay, it was a little before our time… but it was a show about a neighborhood bar owned by friends. Much like the show friends, and the central perk it was about a cozy place where a group of friends came after work and about the people that worked there.

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About a little over 6 months ago I started DJing at the restaurant/bar that my coloc works at- Workshop Paris. I haven’t been able to escape that place since. It became the place I hung out with all my friends after a long day of work. Even the people that work there have become like french family to me. And what made me stay was the kellogs chicken nuggets, mojitos, and burgers.

Earlier last year after arriving in Paris, I was having a really hard time finding the good-normal places to eat. Workshop resembles most of the good restaurant/bars in the US. An honest atmosphere where you get what you pay for. Good drinks, Great food and a Great atmosphere… as an American in Paris it can be easy to spend your money at the touristic places that have mediocre food and overpriced drinks.

Since then it has been like a home to me.

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The thing (more than the food) that I love about the workshop is that it is a place surrounded with friends. The vibes are so good in the place because everything works because every single person that is there wants to be there and likes what they are doing.

It’s also a very neighborhood friendly place. There’s live music and Djs there on the weekends, in a fun underground area. You can also find some of your favorite events and exhibitions hosted there throughout the month. Workshop is also opened during the week for lunch, and on sundays for brunch. The food is AH-MAZING.

Also I don’t know about you but the presence of dogs & puppies soothe my soul and every now and then you can catch a really sweet, friendly, well mannered dog or two outside of the workshop or passing by for meal with their owners.

Overall it’s a very welcoming place, with plenty of room for you and all of your friends or space just to spread out and think if you choose to come alone during the day to work. Yes, there is wifi, couches, coffee & dessert! A perfect place for the afterwork drink, the special brand event, a first date, or a low key night listening to dope hip-hop music in a place you don’t have to wait in line for.

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Workshop Paris- 173 Rue Saint Martin // Metro: Rambeautu // Follow them on instagram: @Workshopparis

and like them on facebook at: Workshop Paris

photos by: Fanny Cortade @FannyCortade
styling: yours truly

bulls vintage sweatshirt: @FrankieCollective
black jeans: Boo Hoo France
shoes: Nike

reworked vintage polo: @FrankieCollective
two pieced polo play suit: @FrankieCollective

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