Wild & The Moon

I am a creature of habit, often when I come across something I really like- I stick with it or go there a million times. It’s like a Chipotle Burrito Bowl… I always always get the same toppings and I always have to have chips & guac with hot salsa on the side. Well recently, I have come across a new obsession…

Wild & the Moon, my new favorite place in Paris is a peaceful place that transcends the hustle and bustle of Paris (sometimes a rude, hectic city) and takes you onto a mental vacation with a clean bill of health like you’ve gone on vacation in Amsterdam or a city like Stockholm. A vegan place that provides and mixes tasty, hearty ingredients all while maintaining their goals of remaining wild, local, plant-based, ethically sourced, seasonal and pure.

Promising to keep you away from most food evils such as – processed ingredients, additives,chemicals, GMOs, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. Wild & the Moon also just makes lovely food and drinks made with love. I got the chance to sit down with Wild & the Moon and was welcomed warmly. To better understand what brought such a different pace and vibe to what can normally be considered “classic paris” I asked questions to know more about the place.

Wild & the Moon works directly with nutritionists and many experts to make the best recipes and ingredients for their vegan food and their juices and cleanses. They believe that the only thing better than good tasting food is food that does good and has many benefits. As someone who struggles in and out of the “vegan” lifestyle I have eaten as a customer and a critic here many times. They have very hearty and flavorful options for everyone even the person who may still eat meat and struggle to normally find options at a vegan restaurant. Everything is made locally on site at their Lab just a few blocks away.

Some of my favorite things are the fresh made soups, juices, guacamole, and the golden latte (please try this). I find that Wild & the Moon is just a great place to come and escape Paris (pardon my french but if you live in paris you understand). I like to visit places where I feel refreshed after and here is def one of those places. I go sometimes and sit in the window with a juice or latte and listen to music and watch people pass by on the quiet street.

I have also come to the restaurant on days where they have been closed, or under construction and still been warmly invited in by the staff. There’s a personal touch to this place that has me craving my window spot at all times. The thing I love most about Paris is in the midst of chaos there are sometimes really special people, places and things that happen with amazing stories behind them. These stories are made with love through studying, emotions, curiousity, patience, talent and history. I feel that Wild & the Moon will become one of these places in Paris for years and years to come.

I truly believe that we create what we want to see in our lives.

To learn more about them, check out their site. They offer catering as well.

Wild & the Moon

photos by Marion Lieutout

special thanks to Alix, Claire, and Daphne.

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  1. Thank you for your review and so happy that we are able to make an impression in your life, we work hard to make something special but even more so we work hard to make something that we can all be proud of. I am at the Dubai location and even though we started business before paris, its great to have the resonance of the energy of what Paris is accomplishing be something that we can aspire towards. If you are ever on this side of things, just know that we are here for you. #eatwise

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