I started this series last week, of taking one favorite items and styling it in different ways. I don’t know about you, but I am such a creature of habit. If I love a hoodie I wear it a million times, or sweatpants, etc. But sometimes you have to switch it up a bit.

In this series I am featuring my friends from SMIB (an amazing, talented group of guys from Amsterdam doing music and art) new merch tee which can be found at their group store down the street from Patta on Zeedijk 60.

I paired the first look with some super cozy patta trackpants, and I like to wear my clothes a little more oversized so I took the size XL tee. I just like the way it falls on my arms. Add some chucks and you have a really nice simple street look.

For a girlier look I added a vintage headscarf I got in Paris, and a skirt from the fifth label. I know I don’t wear skirts much but hopefully this summer it will become a thing.

photos by andre morgan (@marcdrecobs)
intern on deck: hadassah martes

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