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I have been practicing yoga for many years off and on. While living in LA I started bikram and kind of fell in love with it. It’s my go to practice that I do when I have taken a break from sports for a few weeks or had holidays. For me, I like to mix up all my workouts so I do not become bored with one thing. Here are some benefits to Bikram Yoga.

1. Flexibility– there are many different options for beginners and yogis alike. Each posture however offers many chances to work on your flexibility. STRETCHING & DRINKING LOTS OF WATER PRIOR AND AFTER IS SO IMPORTANT TO PREVENT ACHES AND PAINS, AS WELL AS BACK INJURIES.

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2. Strength– you are using your own body weight for all of your postures! No weights, no gym! How great is that!

3. Breathing– bikram yogi’s work on breathing at all times, it is one of the most important things about practicing this type of yoga! I have found that practicing yoga has helped me become a better runner. I can pace my breathing much better during all activities from what I have learned in bikram.

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4. Cardio– even though yoga is a much calmer approach to doing sports, in bikram your heart is doing the same amount of work in postures that running a mile would do!

5. Detox– the heated room temperatures help you to maximize your stretch and SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT! Ridding your body of yucky toxins! But do not forget drink lots of water before and after as you will lose many electrolytes and nutrients in the process and need to replenish them or you can risk feeling light headed.

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6. Focus– I am kind of a quiet chirping bird in my head when it comes to life, and work and the many thoughts running through my mind at any moment. When I am in bikram and working on my postures and poses I am FOCUSED ON THAT and this provides great peace and clarity that people with busy lives may never get. It’s a time to space out a little and really focus.

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7. Healing– I have been an athlete my whole life, so I have many injuries. My knees hurt during running a lot. Yoga and it’s stretches provide healing and comfort to old injuries. Did you know that? Yoga is also healing to the mind. When we overcome things we think we cannot do, we give ourselves power.

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Big Merci to Yoga Bikram Paris for the week of practice, you can follow them on instagram and find out more about their many locations in paris at @yogabikramparis

photos by : Fanny Cortade (who also took the class with me — wish I could have taken a picture of her! hahahaha)

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